Glue the audience to your show in under 20 seconds

VoiceByte is the microphone in the pockets of your audience, the dashboard is the place to access what they are saying to engage them...

How we engage your audience

Choose a topic specific #tag

Choose a #tag and tell the audience to download the free VoiceByte app to create content for your show

Audience creates content

The audience records their content with the VoiceByte app using the #tag you nominated

Access the content

Type your #tag in the dashboard, hear what the audience has to say and play their content on the show

Why we created this product

Stephen Fenech - VoiceByte Co-Founder and CTO

"Hi everyone, as a media veteran with more than 30 years experience, I know the importance of audience engagement. It’s what keeps your show alive.

I am emotionally attached to the problem and our dashboard is the solution. I have seen many times over the years when the audience misses out on an opportunity to take part. They can’t engage with a radio show because they get a busy signal, their emails go unnoticed, tweets are lost in a fast-moving feed while the podcaster audience has no way of engaging at all.

With the VoceByte app and content dashboard, we engage the entire audience - everyone can have their say. Whether you have a radio or TV show or a podcast you won’t miss a thing. We aggregate every single audience question, opinion or rant to create the sticky audience you’re all looking for."

Don’t just take our word for it

We felt that using VoiceByte would enhance the interaction between our show and our viewers and the response was overwhelming, VIEWERS LOVE HEARING THEMSELVES ON TELEVISION.

Rob McNight Executive Producer, Studio 10

Being in the podcasting world, this is a must have tool. VoiceByte reinvents the podcasting format which allows our audience to join in to have their say and higher engagement is what it’s all about. We love the dashboard!

Craig Markham Radio HUB founder

VoiceByte has revolutionised podcasting. With the dashboard, It is now so easy to get content from my audience to engage them on my shows. This benefits me in so many ways which makes podcasting more fun and exciting for my audience. 

Cooper Silk Podcaster

It’s the new way to engage

The free VoiceByte app is the microphone in the pockets of your audience to engage them in a fun, new and innovative way.

We eliminate the need for you to answer phone calls, search through email inboxes or scrolling through Twitter to get content and engagement from the audience.

With VoiceByte, your audience now has a microphone to join the on-air conversation using the most powerful instrument in the world….. the human voice.

Why use the dashboard?

Access engaging audio content

The dashboard allows you to aggregate emotionally engaging audio content created by your audience to play on air.

Find out how your audience feels

The VoiceByte app captures audience sentiment data which is displayed in the dashboard to find out how your audience feels about your topic. 

See where the audience is located

We help you find out where your engaged audience is located across the globe with our heat map.

The map can be filtered using the sentiment data to show where people are located to see specific “mood” patterns.

Create a social media sales team

Send content creators customised push notifications which lets them know when they are going to be on air.

You can also turn the audience into your social media sales team by getting them to promote your show to their social media crowd.

Other benefits of the dashboard

Voice to text (Coming soon)

We convert your audience voice content to text to speed up the search process

Audience profiles

Discover detailed audience profiles to learn exactly who your audience is for advertisers

Save time

No more phone calls, searching through emails or twitter feeds looking for content

Pricing and plans

  • Podcaster

  • Ideal for engaging a small audience

  • Access audio files 24/7

  • Reserve 1 hash tag

  • Summary of audience engagement

  • $9.99

  • / month

  • Less than a cup of coffee per week

  • Professional

  • Ideal for engaging a large existing audience

  • Access audio files 24/7

  • Reserve 5 hash tags

  • Summary of audience engagement

  • Send customised push notifications

  • Filter based on sentiment

  • Filter based on creator engagement

  • $79

  • / month

  • Enterprise

  • For organisations with multiple programs

  • Access audio files 24/7

  • Reserve unlimited hash tags

  • Summary of audience engagement

  • Send customised push notifications

  • Filter based on sentiment

  • Filter based on creator engagement

  • Access heat map location data

  • Audience engagement reporting

  • Unlimited sub accounts

  • Detailed audience profiling

  • Voice to Text (Coming soon)

Do you have a large existing audience you want to engage?